Instant Film: Polariod Now or Instax Mini 7?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini and Polariod Now camera are both so much fun! Another instant gratification toy to add to the toolkit!

The Science

Instant film uses a chemical process to develop photos. The film contains a light-sensitive layer of silver halide crystals that react to light and create an invisible negative image. The film then passes through rollers that spread a developing agent, causing the silver halide crystals to form metalllic silver and triggering dye couplers in the film to create visible colors.


General Instant Film Notes

I’ve been jotting down some general instant film notes as I’ve been experimenting:

  • Don’t take out film while still has shots otherwise you won’t be able to use the remaining shots again. 
  • When the film comes out after taking a pic, be careful to not get finger prints on film while it is developing, unless you want to manipulate film!!
  • It’s ideal to have carry case for film otherwise they may get damaged in your pocket
  • Don’t put film in while camera is dead as it may not register the new film (although you can take it out while dead to register when charged)

Let’s do some comparing! 

Features: Probably the biggest difference, for me, is the ability to take double exposure shots with the Polaroid Now camera - sooo cool!! It also has a self timer which I have not taken full advantage of yet. The Instax mini has more settings: indoors, cloudy, partly sunny, sunny. And, you’re suppose to use each setting for the type of day. But, I’ve had variable results with this and play around with settings based on how much light there is in the subject I am taking a photo of, if that makes sense.

Picture quality: Instax Mini prints are more saturated and somehow turn out a little better on gray days. The Polariod Now film captures more details, which could be an indication of being bigger anyways.

Price: The Instax mini 7+ is around $60 on the market and film costs ~$14 for 20 pictures, while the Polariod Now is around $100 and takes i-Type film for ~$14 for 8 pictures.

Film size: Instax Mini prints are rectangular measuring 2.4 x 1.8 inches, while the Polariod Now camera prints are square measuring 3.1 x 3.1 inches


I honestly love having both and the ability to have options! 

If you get a camera, or have one, let me know what you think! Anything to add to this? :) 




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